Rethinking Health

The fundamentals of value-based healthcare

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Are you wondering what value-based healthcare means?
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Do you want to know how value-based healthcare will change your work as a nurse or physician?
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Are you interested in how policy makers can help to make value-based healthcare initiatives successful?

Our goal is to demystify value-based healthcare

Global events have shown us that healthcare matters more than ever. Value-based healthcare has been proposed as a solution for better results – for individual patients and for society as a whole. Rethinking health: The fundamentals of value-based healthcare is a free online course created by MinnaLearn and Gesund Partners in partnership with the University of Helsinki.

The course has been designed for students, physicians, nurses, policy makers, hospital directors, municipalities, pharmaceutical companies, and indeed anyone who would like to find out more. You'll get practical case examples and the information you need to be part of the discussion about shaping the future of healthcare.

What you’ll learn in this course

  1. The differing definitions of value-based care, from both a provider and a societal perspective

  2. Why value-based healthcare is relevant and needed for today’s healthcare challenges – and for those of tomorrow

  3. How value-based healthcare is being used in various countries around the world, with real-life examples

  4. The future of value-based healthcare and how it might be developed

Who is this course for?

The course is primarily targeted at people working in the healthcare field: medicine, nursing, health administration, etc. The course is also for healthcare service providers, regional officials, health policy makers, pension funds, public and private insurers, large employers, and national health institutes. The course does not require specific prior knowledge and we welcome anyone who is interested in health, healthcare, and its implications for society.

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Rethinking Health

The fundamentals of value-based healthcare