How not to burn out in the tech industry

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Learn together with your team

This course is available as facilitated learning journeys for groups of 6–10. Customized and scalable to your needs. Includes analytics on learning results.

About the course

Two in five tech workers are at high risk of burnout. Learn science-based tools for focused work, managing distractions, staying motivated, and developing a mindset that can benefit from stress.

After the course you will be able to...

✔️ Recognize the cause of fatigue
✔️ Avoid multitasking and stay focused
✔️ Influence your motivation
✔️ Build smart habits that support well-being and a sustainable way of working

Course information

Level: Pre-emptive

Certificate: Available on completion

Length: Three-week program

Target audience: Experts in the tech industry

Created in partnership with Silta Education — experts in neuroscience-based training