How to have difficult conversations

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This course is available as facilitated learning journeys for groups of 6–10. Customized and scalable to your needs. Includes analytics on learning results.

About the course

How to discuss a difficult topic in a psychologically safe way?

Managing your own emotions and preparing for others' emotions is an important skill in today’s worklife.

After the course you will be able to…

✔️ Initiate and open difficult conversations

✔️ Create a safe space for difficult conversations

✔️ Search for a common understanding in conflicts

✔️ Manage your own emotions

✔️ Recognize when there’s a need for a third-party mediator in conflicts

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Course information

Level: Fundamentals

Certificate: Available on completion

Length: Three-week program

Target audience: Team leads

Created in partnership with: Koodarikuiskaaja (Elisa Heikura)

Learning journey

Week 1: Self-assessment. Independent study 1: Fundamentals.
Week 2: Learning group 1: Grouping goals, practice. Activity: Apply at work. Independent study 2: Advanced.
Week 3: Learning group 2: Sharing results, practice. Self-assessment.

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How to have difficult conversations