AI for Built Environment

The keys to utilizing artificial intelligence

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This course provides a comprehensive overview of AI in the built environment along with practical examples on how to use it.
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AI offers many opportunities for developing the real estate and construction industries – and now is the right time to start taking advantage of this technology.
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The course is intended for real estate and construction professionals and students.

Creating a better built environment with artificial intelligence

Whether it’s searching for information online, using social media, or chatting with customer services, AI is already a big part of our daily lives. Pioneers in the real estate and construction industries have already harnessed AI to automate routines, improve the sustainability of operations, and create new services. Drawing on this experience, your organization can also begin to benefit from AI.

Online course made possible by industry cooperation

AI for Built Environment is an online course created by the Ministry of the Environment and KIRAHub together with MinnaLearn. The course has been made possible by FAIA, YIT, Ramboll, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the Real Estate Training Foundation.

How our courses work

For everyone working in the built environment

Now is a great time to dream up, design, and implement your own AI project – and this course provides the knowledge you need to do this. The course is intended for everyone working in the built environment and no prior knowledge of AI is required. If you’ve already taken the Elements of AI online course, you should be able to complete the first part of this course more quickly.

Get a course certificate on the utilization of artificial intelligence

After completing this course you will receive a certificate. You’ll also be able to create use cases for AI within your organization, make more informed strategic decisions, and begin planning your own AI project.

The AI in the Built Environment course covers the following topics:

  1. The basics of artificial intelligence and the different forms and applications of machine learning

  2. Requirements and success factors for utilizing artificial intelligence

  3. Practical case examples on how real estate and construction companies can apply AI at every stage of the value chain – now and in the near future

  4. Best practices and methodology for defining use cases

  5. An AI project involving a simulated use case

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AI for Built Environment

The keys to utilizing artificial intelligence