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The Essence of Agile

Learn to apply agile principles in your work

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Agile is a mindset that can make any employee and organization in any industry more innovative, effective, and motivated.
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Agile is becoming a necessity for all businesses rather than a nice-to-have accessory for IT folks.
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This course goes beyond business jargon and enables everyone from entry level to leadership positions to grasp the benefits of agility.

Learn from experienced agile coaches

The authors of this course are agile coaches with years of experience in consulting organizations in the public and private sectors – spanning multiple domains from education to medicine. The course features real life examples and best practices gathered from this experience.

What you’ll learn?

  1. Simple ways of working that make you, your team, and your organization accomplish more and be faster

  2. How to organize your work so that workloads remain sensible, clutter can be cut out, and it’s clear for everyone what’s done and why

  3. Teamwork and leadership skills that support agile ways of working

  4. How to create a team and a workplace where everyone wants to work

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The Essence of Agile

Learn to apply agile principles in your work