Mehiläinen’s Wellbeing Radar – towards more preventive occupational healthcare

Mehiläinen is a leading provider of private social and healthcare services to individuals and insurance, corporate, and municipal customers in Finland. Over 490,000 people in Finland are covered by Mehiläinen’s occupational health services. In order to improve people’s wellbeing at work, Mehiläinen has developed the Wellbeing Radar, which uses artificial intelligence to monitor and identify patients at risk of potential reduced working capacity. Personalized engagement of employees is combined with occupational health digital coaching and care tools to help prevent sick leave and incapacitation.

How it works

Mehiläinen’s Wellbeing Radar is based on a prediction model that uses data gathered from occupational health visits. The data is analyzed using machine learning methods to predict an individual’s possible need for support within a 12-month timeframe. If the system determines that someone might be at risk, that individual will receive a questionnaire called “Are you feeling well?”, which analyses factors such as health, sleep habits, ability to cope, resources, and occupational well-being. The information in the questionnaire is only shared with the patient’s occupational health nurse to ensure privacy and provide peace of mind.

After receiving the answers, the occupational health nurse assesses the overall situation, contacts the patient, and decides if an appointment is needed. During the appointment, the patient and the nurse will decide together how to improve the situation and what tools and support are needed. Motivating a patient to commit to individual improvement targets is at the core of the appointment.

As part of the plan, Mehiläinen can offer access to healthcare services as well digital training programs and coaching via the OmaMehiläinen application. These digital care and coaching tools offer information, tips, and exercises, as well as the option for reminders and self-monitoring. The application also allows easy and secure remote communication with a coach or occupational health professional. Digital care and coaching options include:

  • Training programs for healthier eating, promoting exercise, or dealing with stress

  • Coaching to help patients improve sleep quality, deal with anxiety, or quit smoking

  • More in-depth treatment programs for mental health problems


The Wellbeing Radar allows Mehiläinen’s occupational health services to react earlier and provide targeted support to help individuals maintain their health and ability to work. Currently, over 160,000 people in Mehiläinen’s client base are covered by the service. Approximately 21,000 surveys have been sent out to date, with a response rate of 33%. Of those people who have responded, 60% wanted to be contacted by an occupational healthcare nurse to receive assistance with their health or work ability. Over 1,800 coaching programs have been embarked on through the Wellbeing Radar or as part of other treatment. 80% of patients reached their individual goals partially or fully after completion of the coaching program.

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